Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Arabic Poetry, Aloud and in Translation

Hey, everyone--

Check out this link, to a Princeton University site where you can watch and listen to classical Arabic poetry, while viewing a translation next to the lines themselves. It's pretty wild stuff; I'm a newfound Abu Nuwas fan!

The site has material in Romance languages, too, but you can't access them except from within the Princeton system. It has Russian poetry, but I can't find a translation button. For now, for me, it's just the Arabic.

(A shout out to Nancy Coffin, the translator, whom I think I knew at college! If you see her, say hello.)


iamnasra said...

Good write up will check it out...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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SonOfCarthage said...

Dear team,
Thank you for honoring the great Arabic poetry. It is simply the best words ever said by humans. I also would like to volunteer in translation or recitation. I know thousands of verses by heart and can offer a passionate reading...
Hassen Khayatia

Anonymous said...

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