Friday, September 16, 2005

On the Earbuds

Today's post over at Culture Industry features smart (if implicitly excoriating) notes on William Carlos Williams, a dandy (if glum) paragraph from Adorno, and word of a Sonic Youth DVD with videos galore.

I missed Sonic Youth--had turned, by their arrival, up other alleys, Tin Pan and otherwise. I fear it's too late for me now. Rather as it is with Language poetry, I suspect, and possibly with Adorno, too. A sad thought, buoyed though I am by the fun of re-reading Northrop Frye, The Boyfriend School, and E. M. Hull's The Sheik this weekend. Oh! And, lest I forget, a new muse on the earbuds: Savina Yannatou, a Greek diva unknown to me this long, but no longer. On the earbuds currently, a live CD with her ensemble, Primavera en Salonico: Terra Nostra. She just finished a lovely Lebanese lullaby--too short by half!--and has pitched into a Spanish seaside ballad that threatens, throughout, to spin just slightly out of control, as though the ensemble wanted to wrench it away from her and spin her back to the rockier, Balkan terrain she sang from a track or two before. Good stuff. Worth the wait.


Mark Scroggins said...

It is I am loving the prose around Savina Yannatou's site athwart the webs – "Raving reactions from spectators of the concerts everywhere described their deep appreciation of the singer and group"... But seriously, thanks for the tip, even if it came at the expense of yr/ showing yr/ true tin pan alley colors. (Nah, ya donned that livery decades ago, I guess.)

And what the heck's that guy on the left playing? I gotta get one of those!!

Mark Scroggins said...

That was HAPPY Adorno, HAPPY Adorno, not glum!