Monday, October 17, 2005

Postscript: Gulf War Poetry

So what ARE the good poems about the Gulf War? (The first one, I mean.) Any votes or suggestions? Or do we just let that one slide, like Korea, into the dustbin of history?

The best one I know so far--better in every respect than Pinter's pint of bitters--would probably be Peter Cole's collage of news-conference & other quotations, "News That Stays," in Hymns & Qualms. If anyone knows how to format text here on Blogger so that I can give you the actual layout--the spacing, the use of the page--I'll post it here; otherwise you'll have to find it yourself. Other votes might go to Adrienne Rich's "Eastern War Time" (not that you'd know it from the misleading footnotes in the Norton) and "An Atlas of the Difficult World"; the first is better.

Bring 'em on, folks, here or on the listserv!


Mark Scroggins said...

I know this will make you terribly happy -- but Barrett Watten's *Bad History* makes my short-short-list.

Mark Scroggins said...

Oh, yeah,   (that's ampersand-n-b-s-p-semicolon, no spaces between them) in html will give you a wee blank space; string a half-dozen of 'em together and you get *almost* a tab stop.

Mark Scroggins said...

see -- I typed in it up there (that's & n b s p ; sans spacing) and I got a wee blank space!