Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Off to DC

Off to DC with the kids today. We'll be there until the 11th; then it's back into action, folks, with the first three meetings of

(drum-roll, please)

--my next NEH project, a year-long series of free workshops for middle school teachers.

If you teach grades 6-8, and live near Chicago, drop me a line. Spaces are still available, but they're going fast!

Summer reading, for the plane & after: From the Cables of Genocide, by Lorna Dee Cervantes; The Republic of Poetry, by Martin Espada; and The Mandolin Fretboard Roadmap, by someone or other who plays a lot better than I do. Two Shafts & I -- Two Shafts is the Fullerton Gloucester f-style, nickname courtesy of Meg, after an outlaw train robber in Beverly Jenkins' Something Like Love-- Two Shafts & I have some serious 'sheddin to do.

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