Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monkey Glands, Eh?

Mark reports that reading another blog, Bemsha Swing, always gives him "a jittery shot of monkey glands." Ouch! That used to be me, friends--not my blog, but me personally, at least according to a letter in my dossier, back in graduate school. (The professor who wrote it was so pleased with herself she told me the phrase at a post-dissertation party. No wonder I had trouble at interviews. "Monkey glands? You? Nah. Me neither. Next!")

So I swing by, and what do I find? One, two, three-sentence entries, day by day.

I don't know about blogging a hundred new books in the next year or two, as Mark now plans to monkey-see, monkey-do. But one sentence or two a day? Maybe I could do that. Worth a try!


Mark Scroggins said...

So my little theft's been found out... Well, as a great poet once wrote, "Sue me, sue me, / Shoot bullets thru me..."

Eric, you'll always be my first go-to guy for monkey-glands!

Core said...

Monkey glads! My teacher have mentioned the same thing a few weeks ago and I have tried figuring the "idiom" out, until I saw this blog!

But literally, what does that mean? Thanks!