Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Results

One result of the election last night:  I'm back to checking the news.  Blogs, reporting, all the chatter I managed to tune out for the last few weeks, is now back in my head, tugging at my attention.

Not a bad thing, per se, but interesting.  It's as though those synapses, or patterns of synapses, that neural itch for novelty, was reactivated when I binged on news media last night, searching for updates.  It took about two weeks for the craving to pass last time; we'll see if it passes again.

One thing I don't seem to have, though, is any desire to go back to Twitter and Facebook.  Didn't check them last night, despite a direct invitation to do so, from a friend.  Glad about that.

Off to prep my next-to-last class in Love Poetry, on Nizar Qabbani (or Kabbani, as the book has it).  Lots of videos of his poetry on YouTube, but not as many with English subtitles / translations as I'd like, so I'm not going to post one now...  Maybe after class.

Wish me luck!

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Laura Vivanco said...

Good luck! (with both the videos and staying off Facebook and Twitter)