Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday & Everything After

Monday morning: a new week, and since last week was devoted mostly to a religious holiday (my wife's birthday), a week when much more work will get done.

Work on what, you ask?
  • The Jennifer Crusie book: editing essays, and wrapping up my intro and own essay for it
  • The New Approaches to Popular Romance volume: ditto
  • My Darwish / Muhammad Ali essay
  • Conference planning (PCA, Princeton, Brisbane)
  • NEH work (old and new)
  • Campus visits (Ostriker and Hoffman)
  • A book proposal (don't ask--more on this anon)
  • My poets' biographies essay (still at the earliest stage, but on my mind)
  • A book review I can't talk about publicly yet
That's the list that comes to mind--if you're out there, and I owe you something, let me know!


But wait--there's more. Jewish stuff, which I seem to store in a separate file, mentally. (And blog about elsewhere, too.) But they're intertwined, at I discover when I work on the Darwish essay. Hard to read him, or Taha, as anything but an Ashkenazi American man of a certain age. I'd read them both differently were I a few years older or younger, or living in Sderot rather than Chicago.

Who wrote that book on "contingencies of value"? Barbara Hernstein Smith. Any good, anyone? (And how, one wonders, would we judge? Contingently, I guess.)

*** being the low point of the afternoon (3:40--the kids home, sun almost setting, every cell in my body crying for a nap), what got done today? Worked on the Crusie intro until I realized I really couldn't do any more until I got the essays fresh in my mind, after which I re-read and re-formatted (as a Word doc) K's piece on Crusie as a feminist author, which will help with the next chunk of the intro, certes.

(Dr. Laura, an email of response will be winging its way to you shortly.)

That's it? Well, and some phone calls, emails, etc. Not the most productive day, but not the worst, by a long shot.


Today's theme song (ending abruptly after a couple of minutes, but the best I could find):



Laura Vivanco said...

"A book proposal (don't ask--more on this anon)"

You're a tease, Eric!

Dr. Laura, an email of response will be winging its way to you shortly.

But you're working hard, so I'll forgive you ;-)

I'm glad you were able to reformat K's essay. I have a few problems with Word, because my computer runs on Linux. Sometimes the conversions don't go entirely smoothly (though the problems can be a little bit odd, such as a rash of the wrong kind of font which only afflicts a couple of paragraphs).

E. M. Selinger said...

Well, Laura, I reformatted it the (more or less) old-fashioned way: from pdf to txt, from txt to doc, and then manually correcting things all the way through. Slow, but it gets the job done.

The email will be winging its way later today. I have sole custody of the kids in the morning--R was up all night, poor thing, so I'll be getting them off to school & the like before I get to it. (Have I mentioned that R suffers from periodic bouts of insomnia? Much of my life revolves around whether she's slept well or badly, in one room or another, etc.--more of it, I've realized, than I would have guessed a few years back.)

Come to think of it, I owe Sarah a phone call, too!

Laura Vivanco said...

I got your email, wrote a reply and then realised that I hadn't received a copy of it in my "sent mail" folder. So I have no idea if my email to you has vanished into the ether, never to be seen again, or whether it actually arrived safely. I then sent you a very sad little email, explaining all this. And now, since I'm filled with mistrust of the server that seems to be carelessly toying with my carefully composed emails, I wonder if that one hasn't got through either, which is why I'm writing this here.