Friday, June 15, 2012


First off, thanks so much for leaving a comment, Laura!  That's a pleasure in this blog that I've sorely missed.

I'd meant to post something substantial, reflective, or otherwise interesting here--or at least a picture of myself with my Yiddishe Joe Strummer haircut--but I've been hit with one of those professional embarrassments that I couldn't possibly have mentioned a few weeks ago, before the promotion.

It seems the grading for this quarter, which I'd planned to do at a leisurely pace for the next five days, is actually due tonight by midnight, and not next Wednesday.  Evidently I checked the 2012-13 Academic Calendar for the date, not this year's.  Oops.

Luckily, the University's automated email system sent me a reminder this morning, so I've been reading papers all day, and am just dipping in to say hello and to leave this little YouTube clip:  a song that's been going through my head in honor of the upcoming Fathers' Day holiday.

(And yes, I write it as "Fathers' Day," not "Father's," as I do with  Mothers' Day.  It's a celebration of all who serve in that capacity, not just my late local instance.)

More soon, then, when the grading's done!

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Laura Vivanco said...

Oh dear. I'm glad you did get the reminder, though. And, to continue the Pollyanna theme, just think how glad you'll be when you're finished and don't have it hanging over you for the next five days!

"When the Grading's Done" sounds to me like a line from an academic reworking of "The Gambler" (the full line would be something like "There'll be time enough for postin' when the markin's done").

And it would begin like this:

On a warm summer's evenin' on a blog bound for somewhere,
I met up with the professor; we were both too tired to sleep.
So we took turns a starin' out the window at the darkness
'Til curiosity overtook us, and he began to speak.