Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Was I Waiting For?

If you've ever followed this blog, you'll know that it petered out a while back--partly because other social media took over its social function (connecting me to old friends and making some new ones), and partly because its professional function, as a place to think about poetry, got no respect when I went up for promotion to full professor back in the 2008-9 school year.  (I got the same response to my blogging on romance fiction over at Teach Me Tonight.)

I've made some desultory efforts to start up again over the past couple of years, with no real luck--and, to be honest, I was worried that anything I posted might somehow be used against me the next time I went up for promotion, at least if I said anything negative about how I felt my teaching was going, or a class, or my research.

Well, I got the promotion (yay!), and that means I can get back to this, if I want to.  I had a whole list of things that I would do, in fact--both old and new--when and if I got it.  Sadly, I never actually wrote it down, so who knows what was on it?  But I'll try to remember, and maybe report here and elsewhere (i.e., TMT) on the progress.


Oh--one thing I'd meant to do, but hadn't:  cut my hair.  Which I did, or had done, this morning.  Nice & short.  I'll post a new picture when I get my new glasses, in a couple of days.  After that...who knows?

I love this song.  Maybe I'll learn to play it, whether or not it was on my little list.


Laura Vivanco said...

Well, I got the promotion (yay!) [...] Oh--one thing I'd meant to do, but hadn't: cut my hair. Which I did, or had done, this morning. Nice & short.

I can't help wondering if there's a connection between the hair length and your promotion. Maybe the committee thought that, like Samson's uncut locks, your longer hair was proof of immense academic strength. However, having received the promotion (and with nothing to lose but your hair) you can now prove that the relationship between your hair-length and your brain-power was really only one of correlation not causation.

I'm talking rubbish again, because it's so nice to see you back online (the "other social media" don't really count, as far as I'm concerned, because I don't pay much attention to them).

Anonymous said...


Hello. Would you accept a wanna be poet from the great state of Alabama (USA) as a happy reader?

Not sure that I could keep up with a teacher on the subject but I would love to try.

C Anne F

Alabama, USA