Sunday, June 12, 2005

Spiritual Poetry?

And, for something not completely different--but a nice change of pace--check out the delightful "spiritual poems" by Emily Lloyd at Three Candles today. "Lamb Curry" and the Diet Coke one have me out the door and off to market, to market, to buy... Well, I'll just be enigmatic about that, perhaps. Hats off, Emily! --E


Anonymous said...
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Poetry said...

Daybreak at the Eastern Edge of the World

Every day I drive into a Technicolor sunrise.
Such is daybreak at the Eastern Edge of the world.
I must cross two rivers before I reach the sea.
Each river is spanned by thin web of steel and concrete.
I work a stone's throw from the ocean and I gauge the tempo of the day by the colors of the sea.
A dark blue sea portends a calm day.
A green sea speaks of storms to come.
A slate gray sea: the storm is here.