Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cruelest Months Dept.

In the next three weeks: one major essay to finish (on Lawrence Joseph); one conference paper (on Ronald Johnson); and one NEH seminar application.

If things slow down here at little, that would be why. I'll try to keep the short bursts coming, though.

Off to vote, then teach. 18th Century today: Swift, Pope, Finch, Gray, Montague. Only part of The Rape of the Lock--let them finish it on their own, for pleasure, once I've given them the first three cantos in class. (That's the theory, anyway.) Much on prosody again; I'll dip into the Essay on Criticism during lecture, but I didn't have them read it themselves; time better spent on mock-epic & satire.

Do you all know Sophie Gee's novel, Scandal of the Season? If not, go and learn. More on it anon.

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RfP said...

I liked Gee's novel better as fictionalized history than as a novel. In fact I thought the romance was the weakest aspect, and as I understand it, the romance is the part of the story with the most tenuous historical evidence backing it. I'll be curious to hear your take--I read Gee's book knowing some of Pope's other works but not much about the Lock or its history.