Saturday, February 02, 2008


Two examples, before I log off for the day, it being the Sabbath & all.

First, this, from Robert Creeley: the watchwords of my faith, and a perfect poem.
The Way

My love's manners in bed
are not to be discussed by me,
as mine by her
I would not credit comment upon gracefully.

Yet I ride by the margin of that lake in
the wood, the castle,
and the excitement of strongholds;
and have a small boy's notion of doing good.

Oh well, I will say here,
knowing each man,
let you find a good wife too,
and love her as hard as you can.
And this, from Richard and Linda Thompson, back before the flood. (Don't ask about the winter gear--I don't know why, either.) Enjoy, and I'll see you tomorrow.


Mark Scroggins said...

The "winter gear" as I understand it is their compromise wear for headscarf & turban, that video dating from R&L's "deep Muslim" period. But pretty cool, nonetheless.

E. M. Selinger said...

Ah, that explains it.

The song, then, probably readable as a religious allegory, in manner of Sufi poetry.

I've sometimes thought of assigning "Pour Down Like Silver" (the CD) in my love poetry class, precisely because it can be read in terms of sacred & secular love. (Not "read," exactly, but you know what I mean.)